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Metsa Manufacture Co., Ltd. began its production life in 7982, started with the production and marketing of kitchenware, the main big brands, product quality, saving for many years an annual self-produced with modern machines with a capacity of 1,500.000 units, and the brand has strengthened its ability to manufacture products such as kitchen utensils  Foremost among these are Cake Molds, Stainless Steel Mess Kit, pan, coffee pot, frying trays tables.Buckets of milk
production of aluminum since 7990 has self—produced intelligent machines. Today, thanks to connections with a wide range of export-oriented production quality; Technology; experienced technical team marketing team in world dairy market,has been sought after and trusted brand. { Europe, Africa, South America, Asia Minor and Turkey) aluminum, Stainless Steel Milk Buckets and dairy equipment, production and marketing capacity has reached 50,000 a years. Metsa Co., Ltd develops from day to day production capabilities and high-quality production of contemporary technologies will continue to follow the principle.